Melvins and Redd Kross Invade Alex’s Bar in Long Beach, Check Out The Show

Buzzo - IG Photo courtesy Mark Leeper
Buzzo - IG Photo courtesy Mark Leeper


Melvins and Redd Kross took Alex’s Bar by storm, giving fans a show that will be long remembered.

Alex’s Bar in Long Beach is one of the best places to see any band, let alone some of the most well-known names in punk.

Check out some of the Instagram posts from the crowded house of punk:

Courtesy strOng_medicine

Opening for the bands was Toshi Kasai who has become a favorite touring mate of the  Melvins.

Check out more Instagram coverage in the hands of the fans. Tonight the bands move on to play a sold-out gig in Los Angeles.

Courtesy Mark Leeper

Courtesy Dean Westerfield

Courtesy Red_Grrrl

Courtesy Keilachemy

Courtesy Toshi Kasai