Peelander Z Brings the ‘New Guy’ on Stage, Teenage Werewolves Roar at Viper Room

Craig Hammons takes a bow with Peelander Z - Courtesy of Robs Punk Shows Reviews
Craig Hammons takes a bow with Peelander Z - Courtesy of Robs Punk Shows Reviews


A show more fun than humans are supposed to have.

Peelander Z and his madcap color-coded band members wove their magical punk rock spell on us recently, and I got to join in.

They have come from the “Z”  area of Planet Peelander to bring happiness to those who wish to partake in the all-around insanity and foolish behavior of a Peelander Z concert.   They are all determined to make sure everyone has fun. This is a total audience interactive experience.

PZ Yellow – Craig Hammons photo

Over the next hour I witnessed more intense audience participation than “Let’ s Make a Deal.”  Once Peelander Z gets started you cannot escape as they require your full attention.

Their shows are so fun by the time it’s over you’ll feel like you just participated in an alien wrestling match.

Peelander crowd surfing and singing – Craig Hammons

Once they took the stage Peelander Yellow makes sure everyone gets as close to the stage as possible.   He wants to make sure everyone feels the energy and can interact with the band.

They opened with “Go PZ Go” off their latest album of the same name.   They keep the frantic pace going with their hit song “Mad Tiger” in which pots, pans and drum sticks were handed out to the audience to bang on and scream “mad tiger, mad tiger, mad tiger.”

PZ – Craig Hammons

Drumming on ‘Steak’

I was already sweating and we were only into the third song.  You never know what is going to happen next.  A long rope was spread across the room and we were all doing the limbo to their song “Steak.”

Typically, before each song a sign is held up by Peelander Pink with a title on it. After the “Steak” sign, they held up a sign, “Need guitar player.” Peelander Yellow put his yellow Flying V guitar on some dude and then asked me to play drums.  I jumped onstage and got behind the kit as he brought a girl up to play bass.

Craig Hammons on Drums Peelander Z - Rob's Punk Show
Craig Hammons on Drums Peelander Z – Rob’s Punk Show

Behind the Kit and Bowling Time

This means it’s time for Human Bowling.  Peelander Pink set up real bowling pins on stage while we all jammed away.  Peelander Yellow jumped on the bar and crowd surfed all the way to the stage in which he was flung into the bowling pins, knocking them all down for a strike.  He then jumped  up to led us all in a “punk rock aerobics class” while everyone screamed “Peeeeeee!”

Peelander Yellow hugged all of us and we held hands and bowed to the audience.  It felt good to play the world famous Viper Room even it was for only 10 minutes.

Peelander Z - Craig Hammons
Peelander Z – Craig Hammons

Peelander Z conquered the Viper Room like they were friendly Godzillas at recess,  who just want to play and have fun.  We all demanded an encore and they came out and played “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.”  It was an intergalactic blast and an intense balls-out punk Rock N Roll show.  It gave me a deeper appreciation for the kind of sacrifices a band like this makes for their music.

May one day Peelander Z acquire the world domination they so rightfully deserve!

Craig Hammons Drums for Peelander Z – Courtesy Rob’s Punk Show


Opening the show was the ever lovable Teenage Werewolves.  A band of cool cats lead by the majestic man of many hats, Jack Atlantis as Lux Interior paying tribute to The Cramps. They brought  the joy and campy humor of The  Cramps to the Viper Room.

When they take the stage you are transported into a sci-fi b -movie featuring the cast of The Cramps.   Degas once said “Art is not what you see, but what you make others see” and that is art of The Teenage Werewolves.  We are seeing The Cramps recreated as a rockabilly live art piece right in front of our eyes.

Jack’s got the moves and banter of Lux and creates a punk psychobilly mayhem when he struts, rolls and flies around the stage.  Tonight was extra special as award-winning international burlesque superstar Kitten Deville would be shaking her suitcase and playing tom toms tonight.

Joining her is the tantalizing Ming Dynatease on tom toms, machine gun and shimmy machine.

Craig and Peelander Mad Tigers – Courtesy

This is a non-stop action packed show that can raise the dead.   It is pure, raw and menacing trash that is dangerous but worth the risk.  The Teenage Werewolves ran thru many of The Cramps hits and misses such as “Human Fly” and “Goo Goo Muck”  but when they did  “Let’s Get Fucked Up” it was time to head to the bar.  So if you are looking for a new kind of kick do not miss the Teenage Werewolves next time they swing thru town.

Teenage Werewolves and Bikini Girls – Craig Hammons Video

Teenage Werewolves – Bikini Girls with Machine Guns – Viper Room 10/26/19

All Photos by CRAIG HAMMONS:


Teenage Werewolves - Craig Hammons
Teenage Werewolves – Craig Hammons