Sluka Releases Colorful Video for Inspiring Track ‘Hey Oh’

Sluka with the band - Courtesy


One thing about Sluka, the creative process is always compelling.

Christopher Sluka and his band have released the video for “Hey Oh,” a wildly celebratory song with great vibes. OK, perhaps there is doom and gloom surrounding us, but we’ll work it out together, so we may as well have a party. 

Sluka’s sophisticated sense of humor is both subtle and over-the-top simultaneously. He vacillates between theatrical to understated communication styles to convey to us that the human race may have some hurdles ahead. But thank goodness musicians like these can fill in the small spaces between the fake news and corporate, Big Media “reporting.”

The video was directed and edited by Eric Bishop and it was produced, engineered, mixed and mastered by Alan Sanderson at Pacific Beat Recording Studio.

The charismatic Christopher Sluka – Courtesy

The song “Hey Oh” was written by Christopher Sluka, who is a musical Jack-Of-All-Trades, playing mandolin, guitar, keyboards and fronting his band. He’s surrounded by some talented females with Lis Viegas on drums and vocals, Alexandra Holt on percussion and vocals, and bass and vocals by Anna Eppink.

Sluka the man is a dapper musician-pilot-philosopher whose natural talents conjure up memories of that great brain surgeon-rock star character Buckaroo Banzai.  Except Sluka is the real deal with an unmistakable style. He’s a charismatic performer who connects with audiences the world over, but particularly in Southern California, where he’s developed a devoted following of faithful fans.

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The tracks and the storytelling are consistently compelling as Sluka blends the issues of the day with an other-worldly quality. It’s a place where the listener might expect a spell to be cast, or a veiled warning to be delivered that should be heeded.

Lyrically, the songs from this SoCal-based musician always have a deeper meaning, and the music blends qualities of an opera with prog rock, and his appearance and voice are  almost reminiscent of the Thin White Duke. The production quality of the recording is magnificent and the video keeps viewers hooked.

It’s an education and a surprise with Sluka, as he succeeds at keeping listeners on the edge of their seats waiting for more. 

Sluka – ‘Hey Oh’