World’s Scariest Actor Lance Henriksen: He’s Just ‘A Bounty-Chasing Road Dog’ Himself

Lance Henriksen - Courtesy


It’s like Lance Henriksen came back as a new age Clint Eastwood in the 48-second clip from the new film, “Eminence Hill.” 

The Uncorked Entertainment film is a Western and the dialogue makes for some great poetry. The movie is a cool platform for one of the scariest and distinctive actors of our time. 

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Henriksen has made a career out of portraying everything from psycho killers to FBI agents. He is perhaps best known as the character Bishop in the “Aliens” film series, as well as Jesse Hooker, the hippie vampire ringleader in the cult classic “Near Dark” (1987). He even portrayed newsman Wally Schirra in “The Right Stuff” (1983).

He’s an actor who almost never stops working and “Eminence Hill” is one of the most recent projects for Henriksen.

Lance Henriksen
The great actor Lance Henriksen in ‘Aliens’ – Courtesy

The latest clip from the “Eminence Hill” depicts a brief scene in which a curt introduction promises a foreboding outcome. And, says Henriksen’s character, Mason Mills, some things have to be straightened out.

“It’s sad to see you’re takin up with such a sordid character,” he tells some unfortunate souls in a tense Western scene:

“You just need to leave it, friend,” is the undesired response.

“Advisable idea, but some things need to be said,” Mills says.

“We all have our history,” says the respondent.

“And none of us have angels,” Henriksen says. “Hell, I’m just a bounty-chasin’ road dog myself.”