Zakk Wylde Drops Reissue of ‘Pride and Glory’ Album and Video for ‘Machine Gun Man’

Zakk Wylde Machine Gun Man - courtesy


Zakk Wylde’s band pride and glory has released a new video for the track “Machine Gun Man” with a reissue of the self-titled album.

The early video was assembled from live footage during the pride and glory years. It features a young Wylde before Black Label Society.

Pride and glory was known at the time as Wylde’s side project, and their debut S/T album would lead to what Berzerkers know as Black Label Society. pride and glory came before Wylde released his first solo album, Book of Shadows, in 1996.

pride and glory is available on an picture disc version and contains five new bonus tracks via a download card: “The Wizard” (Black Sabbath cover), “Torn and Tattered,” “In My Time of Dyin'” (Led Zeppelin cover), “The Hammer and the Nail,”and “Come Together” (The Beatles cover).

zakk wylde pride and glory – download

1. Losin’ Your Mind
2. Horse Called War
3. Shine On
4. Lovin’ Woman
5. Harvester Of Pain
6. The Chosen One
7. Sweet Jesus
8. Troubled Wine
9. Machine Gun Man 10. Cry Me a River
11. Toe’n The Line
12. Found A Friend
13. Fadin’ Away
14. Hate Your Guts
15. Machine Gun Man (acoustic bonus)
16. Mother Mary (alternate version)

These 5 additional tracks will be included on the DL Cards for a total of 21 tracks
1. The Wizard (Black Sabbath cover)
2. Torn and Tattered
3. In My Time of Dyin’ (Led Zeppelin cover)
4. The Hammer & the Nail
5. Come Together (The Beatles cover)

pride and glory – Machine Gun Man