PREMIERE: Prima Donna Band Lounges in Leather by The Pool in ‘Cruel Summer’ Video


Prima Donna has a tough life, as viewers can see in the new video for the band’s cover of “Cruel Summer,” which premieres here on California Rocker.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be four fabulous leather-clad rockers lounging by a pool party, drinks in hand? Of course the Prima Donna guys are too cool for any old regular backyard bash.

Kevin Preston, David Field, Lights Out Levine and Aaron Minton may be laid back and basking, but seemingly have things on their mind other than the cute girls and cool party guests.

The video is written and directed by Arthur Leon Adams III. In it, the guests fade in and then fade out of frame, leaving the guys alone to — what else? — get in the pool, but on their own terms.

“I wanted to evoke the isolation and loneliness of the song’s lyrics and focus on the heavy melancholic side of summer that’s rarely shown,” Adams said. “The band, hungover and tired, languish in the intense midday heat, almost in their own dimension of pain as a joyful, exuberant, pool party happens all around them.”

Kudos to the Adams and the director of photography Jeff Santone for the slick timing and choreography to precision in what appears to be one long, continuous shot at varying speed.

Production assistants on the shoot were Kearney Thompson, Vic Field, Christine Minton, Cynthia Mena Field, location services were provided by Jack and Barb.

Also starring in the video are Nudelman, Vicki Chen, Christine Minton, Cynthia Mena Field, Danny Palaez, Kearney Thompson, Jackie Jones, Christian Caloroso, Emily Umbaugh, Brittany Conyers, Adra J. Linares, Ashleigh Morghan, Tim Wahl, Erin Joyce, Queen Samantha, Alixan Katanya, Justin and Jimmy Jaz from the The Knitts.

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“Cruel Summer” originally recorded by the UK band, Bananarama, was released here in the U.S. in 1984. It written by Karen Jane Woodward, Sarah Elizabeth Dallin, Siobhan Maire Deirdre Fahey, Steve Jolley and Tony Swain.

The Prima Donna cover was released last June on Little Steven’s Wicked Cool Records. It’s a groovy beach rocker with a haunting vibe. 

The song was produced by Paul Roessler (Screamers, 45 Grave) and Bruce Duff, and was mixed by Eric Palmquist (Bad Suns) who also mixed Prima Donna’s ‘S/T’ album.

Check out the ‘Cruel Summer’ video by Prima Donna: