Fantastic Negrito Gives Sneak Peek of New Record and a Tour of his Home Studio

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Fantastic Negrito gave fans a sneak peek of his latest music to Instagram viewers who got to watch him record what could be yet another winning album.

The two-time Grammy-winning Bay-Area blues rocker spent his Tuesday night recording new songs “Man on Fire” and the tentatively titled “Lesbian Sugar” at his home studio. He gave Instagram viewers a treat, showing his process, during a live transmission.

Fantastic Negrito recording another winner? – Courtesy

Viewers watching Negrito’s impromptu live broadcast followed along as the blues rocker laid down some clapping and background vocals to the upbeat “Man on Fire” in his home studio.

The admittedly “outside the box” performer is coming off some lauded live performances including Afropunk and Sea Hear Now back East.

Negrito has a cool pad with a variety of vintage guitars and paintings on the wall and he said he often writes music on his $89 Korean bass.

“We’re recording some claps, you want to clap?” he asked fans during his live broadcast.

Fantastic Negrito joking around with fans on IG
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Negrito, whose given name is Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, won the Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2017 and 2019.

He then jumped on the piano to rehearse the “Lesbian Sugar” tune, a melancholy slow blues tune that showed off his classic piano talents.  

“You witnessed the composition,” Negrito told his viewers as he wrapped up the piano part of the sweet tune.

Fantastic Negrito at the keyboards performing a beautiful new song – Courtesy

He then moved over to his bass and said “Cornelius will be over tomorrow, he can really play the bass.”

It’s a good guess he’s referring to Cornelius Mims, with whom he collaborated on The Last Days of Oakland, the 2017 Grammy winner. The 2019 Grammy was for the collection Please Don’t Be Dead.

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