Desert Daze: Flaming Lips, Devo, Metz, Animal Collective Grab the Attention Span


Flaming Lips and Metz closed out opening night of Desert Daze Friday night in cool style, with balloons, pink robots and some general late night fun. 

But it was Devo that “de-evolutionized” the crowd at California’s trippiest festival.

Flaming Lips put on a trademark happy and inspiring show, Animal Collective and Metz put on what those on hand called “breakout” performances and the late night fans responded positively at Desert Daze. 

Coyne, who is a new dad, and upbeat performer, took the stage in a late night party that had everyone in the spirit. He did not disappoint, with a show that encapsulates what Desert Daze is all about perfectly.

Animal Collective – Video courtesy of Rock NYC


Metz – Video by Rock NYC


Devo – Whip It – Courtesy of Hawk Wolfe

Flaming Lips – video by Rock NYC