Joan Baez Stands the Test of Time as Her Music Resonates with a New Generation


Joan Baez is so legendary, that Lana Del Rey invited her on stage during a show at The Greek in Berkeley. And it proves that good songs will stand the test of time.

Baez who has been busy the last year touring her latest album Whistle Down The Wind has made fans out of the millennials, who appreciate the lyrics and music. 

Lana Del Rey and Joan Baez – Diamonds and Rust

Lana Del Rey brought out the legendary singer-songwriter and gave Baez a respectful introduction in front of thousands of screaming fans.

“It’s hard to know how to introduce her,” Del Rey said. “I have someone who is going to come join us to this stage. She is the most generous of spirit singer I know and not only is she the most important female singer of the 60s and 70s, and so we’re going to do ‘Diamonds and Rust’ together, it’s your very own Joan Baez.”

Baez who has been touring her latest album has made fans from the millennials, who appreciate the lyrics and music. Baez tours almost non-stop still after more than 50 years, playing around the United States and continuously through years.

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In looking back at old footage of herself she told Scandinavian talk show host Skavlan she believed she looked like a determined young woman.

“It’s hard to think of that young person as me now, I appreciate watching her and what she did and I just see a gifted young woman who already decided to do with her life what she did, use the voice and use it for social change and do as much good as I could. 

Baez told Scandinavian talk show host Skavlan that at 77 years old people change. 

“I think if you reach my age which is 77 and don’t think you’ve changed at all then youre really delusional,” she said. “The foundation in my life, which is non violence non violent action and attempt to live a non violent life, that stayed the same. That’s what one tries to do. That stayed the same through thick and thin.”

Did she deal well with fame, she was asked by the host.

“I went overboard. I didn’t want to be commercial,” she said. “I didn’t want to ride around in limousines, I didn’t want anything to do with Hollywood, so I went the other direction, which is just as big a bore. To keep me happy the stage has to be pitch black, no flag, no flowers. Someone said ‘She’s just as difficult as a rock band’ because at least they have some freedom to make the place look nice. I’m glad I chose the direction I did or I would have got lost the way a lot of young people do in that sparkling world of nonsense.”

Does she think she’s difficult?

“Right now I’m not so bad,” she said.