Saba Lou Khan Speaks Her Mind With Playfully Appealing New Album ‘Novum Ovum’

Saba Lou Khan Novum Ovum review- Courtesy


Maybe to be “Telepathetic” means to know the stuff is going to hit the fan and still not doing anything about it. That seems to be the case for some poor palooka in Saba Lou Khan’s lead video from her anticipated new LP Novum Ovum.

The video and the rest of this new album convey a certain understated power. Saba Lou is pretty and petite, with a manner that’s reminiscent of some of the hot Motown singers of the day. And not only is the freshly released video a smooth performance, but it shows an enviable sexy swagger not afforded to women back in the 1960s.

Yes, it can be sad to call off a love affair but when reality readies to raise its dreary head, just anticipate and move on, Saba Lou seems to say in “Telepathetic.” Stop the over-thinking and please just go. 

Saba Lou’s album Novum Ovum is available for pre-order now and will be released on October 11. What does the title  mean? It’s sort-of “new egg” in Latin, and if the title refers to family relations, let’s just say what’s old is new and perhaps vice versa.

It should come as no surprise that Saba Lou is a good musician. After all, she’s got the right genetic makeup: Her dad is the beloved wild man of indie music, King Khan, known for King Khan and BBQ Show, and King Khan and The Shrines.

Saba Lou is right on the money with the stylish video and subdued but compelling voice. Her manner fits in with the current indie aura of today except she resuscitates a good-girl temptress of yesterday with an ingenue-fresh attitude, complete with giant teardrop earrings. 

The “Telepathetic” video is somewhat of a family affair. It features Saba Lou, Oska Wald, Amit Alcalai-Duvnjak, Omri Gondor and was filmed by Oliwia Krishnafuk Khan and edited by Oliwia and Saba Lou.

Saba Lou – Telepathetic:

Other tracks on Novum Ovum are equally compelling. The album is a blend of anger, woman power and winning. In an era when socialization among millennials may be on the downswing, nothing could be further from the truth here. With Ovum Novum, nobody’s  jumping on any bandwagon, but rather the tracks describe characters and people who know exactly how to handle each challenge directly as they come up. The music is the product of someone who definitely has no shortage of opinion or willingness to state what’s on their mind.

There is not merely one technique at play here on Novum Ovum. The tracks are varied and slick and beautifully produced whether conveying an upbeat country punk/swing song or fast-paced Rock N Roll. Our favorite tunes on this refreshingly diverse and wide-ranging album are “Primrose Diner,” the title track “Novum Ovum,” and the romantic “Silver Pill.”