Interview: Blind Melon Drops New Single, ‘Way Down And Far Below’


Blind Melon keeps on truckin’ and the beloved band just released a video for their new single called “Way Down And Far Below,” you can check it out here.

Blind Melon, comprised of Christopher Thorn, Glen Graham, Rogers Stevens, Travis T Warren, and Nathan Towne, call Los Angeles home and hit the stage at KAABOO Saturday.

Christopher Thorn answered the important questions for the California Rocker Q and A:

SB: How has the summer been for you? Do you have any special routines during the this time of the year?

CT: I’ve been living in Joshua Tree and our summers are hot so my only routine is to stay cool. Most of my time is spent in the recording studio. 

SB: You released an album titled, For My Friends, in 2008. And you’ve released the new single ‘Way Down and Far Below.’ Are there plans for a new album any time soon?

CT: Yes !! We will be finishing up the record in November. 

SB: You did a series of shows in California and Virginia this year. How do you prepare to hit the road and play night after night?

 CT: Honestly, I don’t prepare much. Ha! I’ve been doing this for 30 years. The songs are in my DNA. 

SB: You’ve been Los Angeles residents for over two decades, how has the city changed during that time? What is your experience in the music scene now as compared to that of the early 1990s? 

CT: Los Angeles has and will always be a muse to me. It’s a city filled with “dreamers ” and that will never change.

SB: You’ll be playing KAABOO in Del Mar this year. What are some of your personal perks and challenges of playing a festival?

CT: I love playing festivals. It’s like band camp. I love running into old friends and musicians. Not having a proper soundcheck is always challenging.

SB: If you could set-up your own dream 3-Day festival, who would be some bands you would book?

CT: How big is my budget? I’m thinking Zeppelin Reunion 3 days in a row.

SB: Lightning round time! Choose one of the following:

Sunrise or sunset?

Glasses or contacts?

Cake or pie?

Jogging or hiking?

Money or Free time? 
Free Time !!

KAABOO Saturday Set Times: