WATCH: Stimuli Does Oakland Proud with New Video for ‘Ripple’

Stimuli releases video - Courtesy


Oakland is known to lay claim to a lot of cool stuff and, appropriately, the city is the home base of metal rockers Stimuli. The appealing hard rockers have released a new video for the track “Ripple.”

“Ripple” is off the Oakland hard rockers’ 2018 album They Are We.

Watch Stimuli perform ‘Ripple’ 

Oakland’s Stimuli bring a dark but fun sound in their new music video for “Ripple.” The band conjures riff-influenced music inspired by society’s journey.

“‘Ripple’ is a song about finding peace and fulfillment in a moment or series thereof as we race through life,” the band said in a statement. “The song was originally titled ‘Ripple In Perception’ about an alternative way to experience and appreciate time.”

This video was exclusively released on an episode of Sound Waves TV a few Sundays ago.

Listen: Stream the full They Are We album via Spotify.

Watch the band’s previous music video for album title track, “They Are We” via Youtube.