WATCH: Pauly Shore and His Country Twang Song, ‘Red White and Buddy’

Pauly Shore Red White and Buddy - Courtesy


Pauly Shore has a new video for his song “Red White and Buddy,” and while it’s done in typical off-the-wall Pauly fashion, the video is a tribute to his youth growing up in the comedy world.

Shore has a podcast and Youtube channel called “Random Rants with Pauly Shore,” where he talks about a lot of topics and stuff he’s done, and people he meets, but this latest music video is a departure.

In the video, the cowboy hat-wearing Shore sings about his boyhood and career, including his famous family and early days at The Comedy Store.

An icon of the 1990s, Shore represented the wild debauchery of a privileged Hollywood youth. He went to Beverly Hills High School and as he said in his song, was born with a “silver microphone” in his hand.

Check out Red White and Buddy by Pauly Shore:


Pauly Shore’s Random Rants can be heard on Soundcloud:

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