Photos: Bacon Brothers Return to California to Play KAABOO in San Diego Sept. 13-15

Michael and Kevin Bacon at Canyon - Donna Balancia


The Bacon Brothers wrapped a successful tour across the U.S. including a stop in Agoura Hills at The Canyon. But that was just a tuneup for the big event: The brothers will play KAABOO in San Diego.

The Philadelphia-born brothers will return to California to make their KAABOO appearance, and are set to play a 5:15-6:15 set at Amplify Escape on Sunday, Sept. 15.

Bacon Brothers – Donna Balancia

How do the brothers feel about playing California?

“It’s been a long time since we’ve been out there,” Michael Bacon said during the brothers’ recent trek. “We’re really looking forward to it, especially for a Philly boy.” 

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As for the fans, there are many who are dedicated to the two.

“Our fans are great and it depends on where we go,” Kevin Bacon said. “There are certain pockets of the country where they come again and again and there’s other places where it’s the first time they’re seeing us. And yes there are more women than men.”

Check out photos of the Bacon Brothers at the Canyon here: