Video: Robert Downey Jr. Introduces NASA’s ‘Rolling Stones Rock’ to Rose Bowl Crowd

Robert Downey Jr at Rose Bowl - Courtesy JPL
Robert Downey Jr at Rose Bowl - Courtesy JPL


Robert Downey Jr. made an appearance at the Rose Bowl Thursday night at the Rolling Stones concert to announce NASA’s “Rolling Stones Rock.”

“I’ve been entrusted with gathering support for a very cool and cosmic cause,” said Downey, who appeared on the Rolling Stones stage to ‘Iron Man’ music and looking dapper in a mod black suit with white tennis shoes.

“In 1964 two epic launches occurred,” he said. “The first Rolling Stones album … and Mariner 4, which was the first Mars fly-by satellite.

“Recently NASA’s first interplanetary West Coast launch to Mars was a resounding success kind of like the No Filter Tour,” he said. “But while landing on the Red Planet’s surface, (the InSight Lander) displaced a rock that rolled a fair distance in view of its onboard cameras.

Robert Downey Rose Bowl audience
Robert Downey announces ‘Rolling Stones Rock’ to Rose Bowl audience – Courtesy

“And some scientists at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, in a fit of fandom and clever association, they put forth ‘Why don’t we name it ‘Rolling Stones Rock?’ So Charlie, Ronnie, Keith and Mick they were in no way opposed to the notion, but in typical egalitarian fashion suggested I assist in procuring 60,000 votes to make it official, so that’s my mission. All those in favor of naming it ‘Rolling Stones Rock’ say ‘Aye.’

The crowd of more than 55,000 responded positively.

“Good I second the motion,” he said. “Thank you for letting me be part of history.”