Indie Tuesdays: Adera Takes New Approach with Video for ‘Little Feather’

Adera - Photo by Lindsey Blane


Adera has released its latest track, “Little Feather” and the accompanying video conveys the challenges society faces with issues related to mental health.

“I’ve always struggled with anxiety,” said Tiffany Calderbank of Adera. “For me it would manifest as migraines and breakdowns pretty often; one day, I noticed that I’d gotten them under control enough to go a while without any. It gave me this newfound sense of hope. I realized that it doesn’t matter who you are, if you work to better yourself, you’ll see change eventually.”

Adera releases video ‘Little Feather’ – Courtesy

Adera is a musical duo based in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It’s members, Tomás Valenzuela and Calderbank, created the project as a way to explore the combination of samples, synthesizers, pop melodies, and syncopated rhythms. In early 2017 the electronic-pop outfit self-produced their debut EP. The release, entitled ‘Reverie,’ is available through all major streaming services.

“With our new single, ‘Little Feather,’ I wanted to add to the conversation surrounding mental health in my own way,” Calderbank said. “I still struggle, but I never stop working at it. I hope that’s what you take away from this song – we all have something that we’re struggling with mentally, but it’s okay. You’re not alone, and it will get better if you learn about what’s going on and keep working on yourself.

Tomás Valenzuela produced “Little Feather” alongside Anthony Cenerini at his 12TH ST Sound studio. Trent Otter recorded the drums, bringing out the excitement of the song by playing his part with this explosive energy. Check out Adera on Facebook.

Check out the video for “Little Feather” here: