Photos: Johnny Ramone Tribute at Hollywood Forever Draws Icons of Rock and Film

Linda Ramone and Tim Armstrong of Rancid at Johnny Ramone Tribute - Donna Balancia


Icons of music and film were on hand at Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sunday, Linda Ramone’s annual party and film screening to honor her late husband and Ramones founding member, Johnny Ramone.

Some of the illustrious on hand included Tim Armstrong of Rancid, John Frusciante, “The Warriors” director Walter Hill, Henry Rollins, Seymour Stein, J.D. King, Michael des Barres, Jesse Malin and the eternally gorgeous Rosanna Arquette.

Henry Rollins at Johnny Ramone Tribute – Photo by Donna Balancia

Linda, who is known for her stylish appearances did not disappoint in a rainbow-themed ensemble complete with pastel colored boots and hat. Steve Jones and Fred Armisen were on hand to provide entertainment and Ramones fans gathered in the grass to watch “The Warriors,” one of Johnny’s favorite films.

Rosanna Arquette, Walter Hill and Linda Ramone at Johnny Ramone Tribute – Photo Donna Balancia

“It’s so great that Linda puts on this event, it’s really special for me,” said Joel Weiss, who played Rogue in the film that got the big-screen treatment at Hollywood Forever. “For me, ‘The Warriors’ was an experience I’ll never forget and this is a special night.”