Will Black Treats a Bermuda Audience to Engaging Indie Rock and Roll Shows

Words and Photos by By Suzanne H.

BERMUDA – Will Black has proven again that he can capture a crowd — even on a faraway island.

The Canadian independent rock singer-songwriter recently finished up a 3-week gig at The Hog Penny, the oldest pub in the British island territory of Bermuda.

Known for its pink sand beaches and sailing lore, Bermuda used to be known as a getaway for some of rock’s best. Most notably, The Beatles filmed the movie “Help” in Bermuda. But over the years the island getaway’s lure has faded for a variety of reasons, most notably competition from other island destinations.

Will Black and band in Bermuda by Suzanne H
All photos by Suzanne H

But if more performers like Will come to play Bermuda, there’s a good chance the UK island paradise could become “hot” once again as more North Americans find their way there.

I flew over to see my mate play his last four shows and every show was awesome.

There was a great turnout with fans young and old, new fans, also including good mates of Will who showed up to see him rock out again. As soon as he hit the stage everyone was in for an awesome night of great rock music. Will interacted with everyone from the get go and the audience was loving it and wanting more.

All photos by Suzanne H.

The rocker played many songs from various artists during his 3-hour shows each night, some of the bands he covered included The Rolling Stones, Whitesnake, Bon Jovi, Prince, GNR, and Ozzy to playing his own music. He took requests from the audience throughout each night.

Will Black – All photos by Suzanne H.

Will already has three albums released: Dancing with the Dead, Dangerously Close and Cry Like Hell. He is currently working on his fourth upcoming album called The Blinding Heights and has two upcoming shows in Manchester and London UK on the 8th and 10th of November.

Will Black is a true rock legend and knows how to put on amazing rock shows. Anyone who loves great rock music ought to give Will’s music a listen.

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