The Blasters Take Energy to New Level at Brouwerij West in San Pedro

The Blasters - Photo by Donna Balancia
The Blasters - Photo by Donna Balancia

James Intveld Dynamic in Opening Set

Photos and words By DONNA BALANCIA

The Blasters have not lost a step, bringing their trademark country punk to the Brouwerij West in San Pedro.

This is a show not for the faint of heart as the music is loud and the action is fast. “Marie Marie,” one of the band’s longtime hits still rings true through Phil Alvin’s ever-grinning motionless performance.

While his trademark smile is a calling card for Alvin, ironically it was an abscessed tooth that almost killed him back in 2010. Had it not been for an intern named Marie at a hospital in Spain, he might not be with us today, brother Dave once said.

Outstanding during the evening was Keith Wyatt, whose lead guitar takes on a new meaning, leaving no square foot of the stage untouched in his physical display. Bill Bateman, who over the years has proven himself as one of the best all-around punk drummers keeps it lively, and bassist John Bazz fosters the music with a deep flourish.

James Intveld band – Photo Donna Balancia

Opener James Intveld is a former guitarist for The Blasters and is having success as a solo musician, and he’s touring a new record, Have Faith.

— Alyson Camus contributed to this report