Pond Takes a Retro Turn in New Video for ‘The Boys Are Killing Me’

Nick Allbrook of Pond in Boys Are Killing Me - Courtesy


Pond has uploaded a new music video for their song “The Boys Are Killing Me,” check it out here.

The new video is a creative, retro composition of images featuring the band members mostly enjoying a little down time.

Filmed by Jay Watson and Pond, with an outro filmed by Julien Barbagallo, the film was cleverly edited by Jamie Terry and Pond to give it an analog-style throwback look and feel.

As expected, lead singer Nick Allbrook takes a front seat in the video as the most active member of the band, doing back somersaults, jumping and leaping and generally being himself.

Only he’s wearing a suit for most of the film, even while doing pull-ups. The film wraps as Allbrook takes a precarious stroll along the rail at an outdoor concert performance.

“The Boys Are Killing Me” is featured on the album Tasmania. 

Check out the latest video from the Australian Ponderers here: