Notes From Vivace: Dead Coats Blend Punk Sensibilities with Life Stories

Dead Coats - Photo: Notes From Vivace


The Dead Coats are an Austin, Texas-based band. They recently finished a tour that started in Texas and took the band up the west coast before ending at The Redwood Bar in Los Angeles.

This band has garage punk sensibilities with rapid fire songs. What struck me immediately as their set started was lead singer, Lormin. There was a sparkle in her eye and she seriously was having the time of her life on the small bar stage. Also, the band told short anecdotes and gave their reflections prior to each song. For example, they had a song called “Coke on the Water.” They explained that every rock band had to have one song about cocaine – even if the band had never used cocaine.

I was fortunate to have a Q and A with the band.

Joshua of Dead Coats - Photo: Notes From Vivace
Joshua of Dead Coats – Photo: Notes From Vivace

How would you describe your music?

Genre-wise, I would describe it as experimental punk. We really love incorporating different genres into our songs and challenging ourselves to see what we can do next. Merging the old rock and roll with the new, bringing our own vibrant feel. Keeping our honest, genuine-selves into our music is important to us, in a world where being honest and genuine seems all too foreign. We always incorporate humor into our music live and in our albums. People have told us that our music, no matter the venue, brings a sensation that we are playing to them in their bedroom, exposing our souls for them so see

Joe of Dead Coats - Photo: Notes From Vivace
Joe of Dead Coats – Photo: Notes From Vivace

You mentioned that the Redwood Bar was your last stop of your tour. Do you have a couple fun stories from your tour?

In San Diego, we played this cool place called, “The Che Cafe,” where this guy who came to the show brought this giant loaf of bread. He got us all to sign the bread-loaf, and gave the bread a good life. He sent us pictures of the bread being tucked into bed and being read to. The bread had a good life.

We have a song called “Celebration Time,” where we do quick-stops and our bassist, Joe, does funny snippets. At the Redwood Bar, Joe actually called his Mom during one of those snippets and told her that we were on Cash Cab. He told her that money was at stake and that he needed to know the person who invented Lego. Fortunately, his Mom thought it was hilarious when we explained later that we were never on Cash Cab, but instead we were on stage in Los Angeles playing a gig.

Lormin of Dead Coats - Photo: Notes From Vivace
Lormin of Dead Coats – Photo: Notes From Vivace

Own Q and A. How do you keep your live performances so interesting?

We love new ideas and gimmicks. We all have these different versions of ourselves we will bring out; whether that be our drummer undressing into a complete fishnet-underwear set on stage, our singer bringing audience members onto the stage while throwing around a stage prop-head or covered in blood. Even hiding our drummer in a storage container and bringing him on stage secretly has been an option. Every show is completely different and we love to inspire and entertain our audiences while keeping our own sense of how to do that.