Ray Davies: Inspired by The Rolling Stones, The Kinks Reunite ‘In The Pub,’ Release New Music

Ray Davies speaks with UK Ch 4 on Reunion 'in the pub'

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Saying he was inspired by The Rolling Stones, Ray Davies said The Kinks are getting back together. But unlike their rock brethren — and in typical everyman fashion — the reunion will take place in the “local pub.”

Speaking to UK’s Channel 4 News, Davies said he’s got a lot of songs still yet to be released.

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Ray Davies of The Kinks: ‘I’ve Got All These Songs’

The long-awaited news came as Ray Davies was on British TV to discuss the release of Village Green Preservation Society Anniversary Album in a 2018 interview.

Brother Dave Davies confirmed the news with RollingStone Tuesday, saying a lot of the brothers’ time went to finding songs for a 50th anniversary release of Arthur (Or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire). Dave said that record will drop in October.

Meanwhile, Ray told Channel 4: “Making a new Kinks album, inspired by The Rolling Stones. We’re talking about it because I’ve got all these songs I wrote. The band, not broke up, but parted company and I think it’s kind of an appropriate time to do it.”

Are the Kinks getting back together? he was asked.

“Officially, we are yes in the pub later on,” Ray Davies replied.

The Rolling Stones on World Tour, The Kinks in ‘Local Bar’

“I must praise the Rolling Stones for being great at publicity, great band, great at organizing their careers, Mick’s doing a great PR job,” Ray said. “It’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it. The Kinks will probably play in the local Bar. “

During the lengthy TV interview, Ray discusses a range of topics including his childhood aspiration to come to America, where dreams were built. He talked about one of the most beloved songs of all time, “Celluloid Heroes” about the faded heroes of Hollywood’s big screen.

“There’s a song called ‘Celluloid Heroes’ the story about LA,” he said. “And I laid the groundwork for six minutes, the record company said ‘What’s this bloody album called we hear six minutes of music.’ And I deliver the punchline, the payload comes in the last line. So they waited for six minutes and 30 seconds.I wanted it to be a bigger experience and challenge my audience to come with me on a journey.”

Dave Davies in Los Angeles in 2018 – Photo by Heather Harris

The Kinks Played ‘Short Stories’

In keeping with the fashion of The Beatles, Ray Davies said The Kinks songs tended to be short.

“I love three minute singles, ‘Tired of Waiting’, by the Kinks is a classic,” he said. “One of the greatest singles of all times is ‘I Want to Hold Your Hand’ by The Beatles. Intro, verse 1, verse 2, punchline, bridge. Great bridge. I love the structure. It’s like going to see a play.”

As for his relationship with his brother, Ray Davies said there was “occasional violence,” he said. But added that the brawls with his brother and Mick Avory were the problem.

As for the “common man-style” of The Kinks’ songs, he called his outlook the “diary of a nobody.”

“I’ve always been aware about writing about the neighborhood,” he said. “‘You Really Got Me’ was a big hit around the world, it was the fifth song I ever wrote. But I had no experience so I had to write about my neighborhood.”

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