Los Skarnales and Steady 45s Wake Up Long Beach with Big Band Sound

Los Skarnales 2- Photo by Donna Balancia


Los Skarnales brought its wild Texas ways to Alex’s Bar in Long Beach last Friday, prompting fans to blow off steam with moshing and mayhem. The Steady 45s from LA opened and the bands delivered big band throwback sound to the fans.

Los Skarnales, the popular Mexi-punk band that’s been around since 1994, brings it, coming off a strong performance at Punk Rock Bowling last May and showing off its Houston punk to Long Beach fans.

Steady 45s 2- Photo by Donna Balancia (1 of 1)

Los Skarnales is comprised of Felipe on vocals; Jose Rodriguez on guitar; Nestor “El Tiburon” on vocals and percussion; Brian “Chopper” Shoppell on drums; Marcelo Luna on bass; Salvador “Chavo” Velazquez on trumpet; Nicco Martinez on guitar; Aaron Houzvicka on trombone and  Chris Ranew on keyboards. Check them out on Facebook.

Los Skarnales 4- Photo by Donna Balancia

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Steady 45s 3- Photo by Donna Balancia (1 of 1)

Opening was the LA band the Steady 45s, who have a great local following. The bandmembers are Eric Crucial on bass and vocals; Joe Nieves on guitar and vocals; Fritz Zar on drums and vocals; Ian Jacks on tenor saxophone and vocals; Alfredo Barrios on trumpet; John Butcher on lead guitar and vocals and Scott Inumerable on piano and organ.

The music is a big lively sound and the crowd got their collective groove on. Alex’s Bar is the premiere venue for punk rock in Long Beach.



Los Skarnales 4- Photo by Donna Balancia