Imogen Heap Dazzles with Technology of Many Colors at LA’s Greek Theatre

Imogen Heap was colorful at The Greek - A Rood Photo


In a show that brought out the best in music and technological imagination, Imogen Heap impressed at The Greek in Los Angeles to wrap her Mycelia tour.

The practically sold-out crowd was a mixed group who know and love the music. It was the last night of the tour and was celebrated in high style on a clear LA night.

Imogen Heap is known for interweaving technology into the music. She has been working on her special black gloves for nine years. Depending on how she moves her hands, the lights (red, yellow, blue, green) tell her what is going on (recording, playback). Heap rarely gets the credit she deserves for the advances she has helped create in a compelling niche.

Imogen Heap at The Greek – A Rood Photo

She has been keeping a low profile of late and there are many reasons, including that she started a family, she said. She has not been out of the music loop though, continuing her longtime collaboration with Guy Sigsworth. A prolific producer himself, Sigsworth played keyboards on this tour.

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Imogen Heap and Her Lit Up Headpiece

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They played a song called “Shurayo,” which Guy wrote, off his album, Stet. He went to Okinawa to record the collection.  

After a 20-minute intermission, Heap came back with a head piece that lit up in sync with her on her vocals. 

She talked about her Mycelia project (Mycelium is the vegetative part of a fungus or fungus-like bacterial colony, consisting of a mass of branching, thread-like hyphae.)

Her project is a music collaborative for musicians to be able to share and discuss their work in a safe space. Creative Passport provides a digital identity for musicians and is cutting edge right now. 

On the setlist was her song “Let Go” from the movie “Garden State.” She said she was happy to get the call from Zak Braff who told her he wanted to use the song in the film.

Imogen Heap and band at The Greek – A Rood Photo 

Guitar Song (Frou Frou); Entanglement; Breathe In (Frou Frou); You Know Where to Find Me; Flicks (Frou Frou); Close Up (Frou Frou); First Train Home; Speeding cars; Shurayo (Guy Sigsworth); Intermission; Neglected Space; The Walk; Aha!; Tiny Human; Let Go (Frou Frou); It’s Good To Be In Love (Frou Frou); Headlock; Only Got One (Frou Frou); Improvisation (Asked an audience member for a melody and made an improvised song from it); Hide and Seek 2 (Songs from Tibet Version)
Say Goodnight and Go
The Dumbing Down of Love (Frou Frou)

Imogen Heap – Let Go