Snew Drops Hard Rockin’ Fourth Album ‘You’ve Got Some Nerve’


Snew has released its fourth album,  titled “You’ve Got Some Nerve.” Recorded in the Hollywood Hills and produced by Bobby Owsinski, engineered by Grammy winner J. J. Blair. This is perhaps the band’s most ambitious work to date. SNEW even includes a live horn section on two tracks.

The latest record, “You’ve Got Some Nerve” is a hard metal rock lover’s dream and appeals to those who like the music edgy and tough, but with fun attitude. Check out the band’s website. 

Hear Snew’s New Album here:

The album kicks off with the catchy and rocking “UR Freaking Me Out” which sets the tone for an album that takes the listener through arena rock anthems like “Holy Hell,” the heavy metal of “Acetylene Queen,” the complex “Put Upon,” the catchy and dance driven “Sharpie” and the spaced out “Revolution is a Closed Loop.” 

Check out Snew here: