‘Hot Off The Presses’ Classic Music: Paul McCartney, Bob Marley, Elton John Release New Records

Paul McCartney and Wings Over America part of a release campaign by Macca - Courtesy image


Musicians ranging from Paul McCartney to popular Swedish songwriter Tov Lo are releasing new music in time for summer break. For vinyl collectors, McCartney, Elton John and the late Bob Marley have special editions of some of their most well-loved music out or on the way.

Paul McCartney to Release Four Albums from 1975-1976

Paul McCartney has confirmed updated releases of four albums capturing performances spanning from his 1975-1976 return to U.S. arenas with Wings, to his intimate 2007 set at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles.

The albums — Amoeba Gig, Paul Is Live, Choba B CCCP, and Wings Over America — will be released on July 12 digitally, on CD, and on black and limited edition color vinyl. Sir Paul plays Dodger Stadium on July 13.

Paul McCartney collection


Bob Marley Legend

Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Legend: a limited edition 2-LP, 180-gram release of the original BMW1 version, adding the two original U.K.-only cassette bonus tracks to the vinyl. The compilation record, originally released in 1984, is the biggest selling reggae album of all time.

Tove Lo Drops New Single, ‘Glad He’s Gone’

Fourth album Sunshine Kitty is on the way, Lo said. TheMulti-platinum, Grammy-nominated artist Tove Lo is back with a brand new single taken from her forthcoming album. “Glad He’s Gone” is an intelligent and infectious pop track served with her usual sauciness and tongue-in-cheek lyricism and wit. Tove Lo reveals: “We’ve all been on both sides of the break up pep talk with our friends and we all know how good it feels to get your partner in crime back when they finally leave that idiot behind.” Listen to “Glad He’s Gone” here:

The Stockholm-born artist also said her fourth full-length album is on its way. Recorded between Los Angeles and Sweden, Sunshine Kitty enters a new phase for Tove; she’s got back her confidence, hard-earned wisdom, more time, and a budding romance. The title is “a play on pussy power, but it’s a happy, positive way of seeing it,” Tove Lo said. “It ties in with the lynx. This cartoon cat (featured on the artwork) is an extension of me and part of the new music. She’s super cute, but she does stupid shit like getting in fights and getting fucked up. It’s how I feel the album sounds.”

Elton John Releases ‘Diamonds’

Elton John has reached the young generation with a new movie and his career-wrapping tour.

“Rocketman” is in theaters now. Get ready to sing along with it. Listen now to Diamonds, the ultimate Elton John greatest hits collection. Check out the remastered classics by “Rocketman” here:


Soundgarden Live From The Artists Den

This recording from February 2013 at The Wiltern in L.A. captures the band’s final triumphant stop on their U.S. winter tour for the King Animal album. The new collection features the remixed selection of songs played on that night at The Wiltern. There will be a special night at The Wiltern honoring the music of Chris Cornell and Soundgarden on Monday, June 17.

Royal Oak White Lies

Royal Oak delivers “White Lies,” a driving beat with high energy indie pop and lyrics that impact listeners.

“Since we have no primary songwriter in the band, each one of us was able to pour our heart into this track,” the band said. “We’re so stoked with how it came together. This song perfectly represents the energetic and in-your-face live show that we’re known for putting on. We are HYPED to share that experience with Canada this summer.”

Juan Waters: ‘Introducing Juan Pablo’

Traveling continues to leave a mark on Juan Wauters. His previous album, with its folkloric airs and its Latin roots, made that clear. Introducing Juan Pablo also embraces that spirit, although his main journey is internal. Introducing… exposes Wauters two worlds, his two languages, and his day-to-day life in the neighborhood and his life as an artist. Though he was born in Uruguay, Wauters has lived in New York for a long time.

“At first, I wanted to show another musical face for this series of records. For me, Juan Pablo is part of a more personal search. And that has to do with migration: when you move to the United States, the second name ceases to exist. Since I moved here, I’m just Juan. But in Uruguay I’m Juan Pablo Wauters. I felt it was significant to retake my middle name.”

Juan Waters ‘Introducing Juan Pablo’ – Photo by Daniel Topete

ionnalee Releases Second Album, ‘Remember The Future’

Audiovisual pioneer ionnalee (Jonna Lee of iamamiwhoami) releases her sophomore solo album, Remember The Future, via her label To whom it may concern. Listen to the album, which premiered via in full HERE! https://ionnalee.bandcamp.com/

“I am really proud of this album,” said ionnalee. “Writing and producing it last year was a playful and spontaneous process, quite different from any of the seven albums I’ve made.

“I’ve been exploring sounds, harmonies and frequencies without prestige or set deadlines, letting my mind and body wander freely and experience music like I did when I was a kid. I made the album with aim to be a small beacon of light for my nearest ones who are currently struggling to look forward, and as a reminder to those who follow my work to remember the dream.”

Remember The Future is produced by ionnalee, and also features production contributions from Röyksopp and her longtime collaborator Claes Björklund (iamamiwhoami), and is mixed by Johannes Berglund (Fever Ray). Plus, the album features guest vocalists Zola Jesus and Jennie Abrahamson.

European Indie Three-Piece KOJ Share New Single “Deep Waters”.

European indie three-piece KOJ share their new single “Deep Waters”. 

Singer and guitarist Alina von der Gathen about “Deep Waters”: “Deep Waters talks about being reckless, not caring for your own life enough to protect it from literally being swallowed by a deep, dark ocean. It depicts the image of someone standing at the edge of a cliff and pondering over the idea of jumping into the vastness of the sea, letting it take you whole.


“There will most likely be a time in each of our lives where we feel so hopeless, that we don’t want to go on. We are trying to run from it, we are trying to plead with some higher power to free us, we want to get rid of all the darkness we carry. But let’s face it, that simply won’t work and neither would it serve us in the long run. So, we either jump to put an end to our own life or we have the courage to go on, face the darkness, let it shape us, like the ocean does the landscapes. Only one part of the original song ‘survived’ the recording session. The rest of the music and lyrics have been written in a tiny cottage in Denmark, very close to the ocean, but without any treacherous cliffs.”

KOJ have also performed “Deep Waters” live for Speicher Sessions.

Watch the performance here: 

Ryan Hamilton and The Harlequin Ghosts

Texas and U.K.-based rockers Ryan Hamilton and The Harlequin Ghosts have released their debut album, This Is The Sound, today, via Steven Van Zandt’s label, Wicked Cool Records, in partnership with The Orchard.

Ryan Hamilton

The 12-track album, also available on CD and vinyl, features the previously released songs “Far Cry,” “Get Down,” “Bottoms Up (Here’s To Goodbye)” and the critically-acclaimed “Mamacita,” which was co-written with Little Steven, who also contributes to the song’s rippin’ guitar solo, and has been thriving on radio across the U.K. Hardrock Haven recently declared “Mamacita” the “2019 Song of the Summer” noting, “You can find the undeniable winner and a bevy of more unapologetic hits from the international rock/pop punk band on their new studio album, This Is The Sound…a draw for anyone who likes Rock, Pop Punk, Folk Rock, or hey how about just good music, no matter the genre.”

This Is The Sound, recorded in the U.K. last year, finds Ryan, the group’s only American, and the U.K.-based Ghosts – core members Mickey Richards (drums) and Rob Lane (bass) along with Carol Hodge (keyboards, backing vocals) and Dave Winkler (lead guitar) – on familiar musical footing, staying true to an aesthetic that’s a modern distillation of their classic influences. After stints in the bands People On Vacation (with Bowling For Soup’s Jaret Reddick and Ghosts members Richards and Lane) and Smile Smile.

Strawberry Girls Release ‘Italian Ghosts’

Splatter variants of Strawberry Girls’ “Italian Ghosts” vinyl are already sold out.  But there are still translucent purple and uniquely colored variants available for purchase. Don’t miss your chance to own a piece of Strawberry Girls history and complete the SG vinyl collection.

Saint Daniel Shares New Single and Video ‘Wake Me Up and You’re Gone’

Saint Daniel debuts single out today via Thaler Records.

“Wake Me Up and You’re Gone” is the debut single by London-based singer/songwriter and performance artist Saint Daniel, released via the artist’s imprint label Thaler Records. The single and accompanying visual were premiered today on The 405 which called it “a catchy pop track, but it is also quite melancholy — a potent mix.”

The main theme of the song shows a delusion that a person might have thinking that what is just a one night stand can transition into a serious relationship, which eventually shatters all the hopes and fantasies.

Psychedelic sound used in production brings to mind pop tracks like “Touch of my Hand” by Britney Spears, as well as Brojk’s “All is full of Love”



Dave Alvin Releases Remastered and Expanded Edition of ‘King of California’

Dave Alvin’s remastered and expanded edition of King of California is out June 28 via Craft Recordings.

Recorded in Los Angeles the day after the historic 1994 Northridge earthquake and produced by Greg Leisz, King of California is when he decided “this is when I let the song tell me what it sounds like,” Alvin said. “Ever since then, that’s been my rule. It sounds ridiculous, but it was something I had to learn.”

Featuring acoustic interpretations of some of the finest songs in his catalog, along with new, folk-inflected compositions, and notable covers, Dave Alvin found the true measure of his own voice with King of California. “It was ironic that a guy who was known as a loud guitar player and questionable singer, his best seller was an acoustic album,” says Alvin.

This summer, Dave will do a run of dates with Jimmie Dale Gilmore and then Greg Liesz, who produced King of California.

The 25th anniversary edition boasts three bonus tracks, and is available on vinyl for the first time: