Photos: Jagwar Twin Brings Dramatic ‘Shine’ to the Music

Jagwar Twin - Photo by A. Rood Photo

Photos By A. ROOD PHOTO, Review By JOHN DALY

Jagwar Twin has a diverse sound, ranging from rap to rock and almost everything in between. 

Musician Roy English impressed the crowd recently with an often dramatic and entertaining performance of his music, which, like the rerelease of his 2018 album Subject To Flooding, runs the gamut. It’s rare treat to see a performer draw from such a varied musical arsenal.

Jagwar Twin – Photo by A. Rood Photo

The newly rereleased album, Subject To Flooding is a find and includes heartfelt ballads like the compelling opening anthem “Long Time Coming,” “Loser,” “Superhuman,” and the reassuring “Hell Of A Night” and the hallmark song, “Shine.”

[ngg src=”galleries” ids=”18″ display=”basic_thumbnail”]In concert, English has a flare for the dramatic and keeping the audience entertained throughout. Jagwar Twin is the kind of opener any headlining band can appreciate as there is a devoted fan following. 

Jagwar Twin – A. Rood Photo

If English’s intent was to create an album that shows his vocal range and mastery of different genres, he succeeded. Rap and hip hop have a place here but the music also reflects a heavy Gospel feel. And when he is live, English shows that he’s the real deal.