UPDATE: Alejandro Aranda Announces Summer Tour, Finishes Second on ‘American Idol’

Alejandro Aranda won the hearts of many on American Idol - Courtesy on ABC

‘Scary Pool Party,’ to Play Moroccan, Glass House


Alejandro Aranda, the humble, self-taught musician from Pomona, Calif., came in second on “American Idol,” but he is still the big winner to his fans.

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While multitudes expressed shock and disappointment that Aranda was runner-up to Laine Hardy of Louisiana, the Latino singer-songwriter showed the world his rare talent. Aranda took the weekly talent show to a new level, performing four intricate original songs in one night.

UPDATE: But Aranda is wasting no time in moving ahead, he has announced a mini-tour, playing the Moroccan Lounge in LA on July 15, the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on July 13 and The Glass House in his home town of Pomona on July 17.

Fans of the musician also known as Scary Pool Party took to social media after his surprising loss to give comforting words of support. Some expressed disdain for the judging process that regularly put the West Coast at a disadvantage having to vote on East Coast time every week and leaving many voters shut out.

It is actually remarkable Aranda got as far as he did — with no apparent “connection” to Hollywood and no political support, unlike Hardy. Hardy, known for his gleaming white teeth and country-boy bouffant, appeared on ‘American Idol’ as a contestant previously. This year, he mysteriously reappeared to “support” friend Ashton Gill’s audition and wound up performing himself. During the “American Idol” finale, it was shown that he also had the support of Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, who even named May 14 “Laine Hardy Day.”

Alejandro Aranda with judges on American Idol Finale – Courtesy

But whether Aranda had finished first, second or not at all, the genuinely talented singer-songwriter and savant piano and guitar player left an indelible impression on fans and inspired a whole new generation of musicians with his unique musical creations.

Aranda performed his original song, “Out Loud” as his final performance. He opened the 17th season of “American Idol” with the same song.

“It’s just such an incredible honor to be given this opportunity to give you a little boost for you to find your wings,” said judge Katy Perry. “We love what we do and when we see a person like yourself shine.”

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It was a near-perfect night for the shy 25-year-old who performed his original songs including “Millennial Love” “Tonight” and “Out Loud.” Aranda was visibly emotional while playing his song “Ten Years” backed by a violin-heavy  orchestra.

Alejandro Aranda Honored with Parade in Pomona

Last Tuesday, the singer-songwriter was honored with a parade in his home town of Pomona, Calif. During Sunday’s  “American Idol” finale, clips were shown of the emotional day in which thousands turned out for the humble Aranda, who is also known as “ScaryPoolParty” to his fans.

During one segment of the “American Idol” finale, when they showed the home town parades, there was a clip of a local children’s choir singing “Out Loud.” Aranda broke down in tears. He told the audience to always foster music learning among the children.

Alejandro Aranda Finale on American Idol – Courtesy

In Round 1 of the finale, Aranda said the song “Millennial Love” is “basically how I think in some relationships my age being a millennial, we are too much about our phones.”

“It was, I’m sure for all of us, I’m going to speak on my behalf, love at first sound for you,” said judge Lionel Richie following Aranda’s Round 1 performance on the finale. “There are very few times in life when someone comes along that captivates your imagination,  your soul, you know what your’re looking at is the next level of something amazing. From one songwriter to another, we are so happy to have you join the ranks.”

Photos from the Pomona Parade for Alejandro Aranda: