Foals Video ‘In Degrees’ Looks at Lost Love and High Temperatures With a Dance Beat

Foals In Degrees - Courtesy


Foals shares the music video for the new single, In Degrees,” directed by Aaron Brown, off their most recent album, Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1. 

The song is an energetic dance tune contrasted against the signs that as a relationship is cooling off the planet is warming up. 

Foals video by Aaron Brown – Courtesy

“Essentially it’s about when you’re aware of a relationship slowly slipping away, incrementally bit by bit, there’s no a big dramatic moment, but it’s through the slow drifting apart,” lead singer Yannis Philippakis said. “And also, the actual phrase ‘in degrees’ also got me thinking that it could work on a due level about the environment in a way as well.” 

What excited me about the track “In Degrees” was the dance feel that Foals were doing in contrast to the lyrics,” said video director Brown (Arctic Monkeys, King Krule). “They’ve always had some of that danceability in their music but this track is a no holds barred, make no mistake about it, post-punk, four on the floor, dance track.”

Purple Disco Machine, also provide a remix of the song.

Foals’ latest Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1, is out now via Via Warner Bros. Records.