Alejandro Aranda of Pomona Makes it to Final Five of American Idol


Alejandro Aranda performed his original song “Poison” on Sunday night to earn a spot among five final contestants on American Idol.

On an episode called “Woodstock and Showstoppers,” the contestants were to sing one song from Woodstock and one original. Aranda sang “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane.

On the trippy Jefferson Airplane tune, Aranda sang without playing the guitar and sported some cool duds.

“First of all, the jacket,” judge Lionel Richie said following Aranda’s first performance of the night. “The jacket is on fire and it reminds me of those days.”


For his second performance, Aranda brought out the new original song, “Poison.”

Surrounded by an audience holding up green lights on their cell phones, Aranda impressed with renewed vocal performance and his signature savant guitar work. 

“I pray that America truly understands how challenging and tough it is to play guitar like you just played it,” said judge Luke Bryan. “And your voice, this is the best you have sang in this competition. Your first performance, and just then was amazing.”

“I feel I want you to understand singing other folks songs is great but watching you sing your songs is everything because it’s instant identity, man,” said Lionel Richie. “I know in the first two notes of everything it’s you. Your star has already gone to the top you’ve got a career for a very long time.

“First of all that was the best you have ever sang on this show,” said judge Perry. “Second of all, how wonderfully interesting will it be when you change American Idol by winning American Idol.”

Others remaining in the competition are Madison VanDenburg, Laine Hardy, and Wade Cota. Laci Kaye Booth and Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon were eliminated, but then the judges used their one “save” vote to bring back Booth.