Video: RIP ‘Star Wars’ Chewbacca Actor Peter Mayhew


“Star Wars” buffs mourn the loss of actor Peter Mayhew, who played the lovable Chewbacca in the legendary galactic movies. 

Mayhew died Tuesday at the age of 74 just two days before May the Fourth, a notable “Star Wars” date (as in “May the Fourth Be With You”). 

There is an entire world of fans who have compiled great times in Chewbacca’s movie and music history. In his honor, check out some classic Chewbacca moments:

Chewbacca Best Moments:

Chewbacca Beloved

The character is beloved the world over and Mayhew played the role with class and humor. Take a look behind the scenes with his English accent.

Chewbacca Speaks English:


And then there is the musical tribute by the band Supernova:

Chewbacca Song – Supernova