Watch Sting Perform ‘Two Stings on the Moon’ with Jimmy Fallon on ‘Tonight Show’

Jimmy and Sting Two Stings On The Moon - Courtesy


Sting took a space walk on late night TV Friday when he performed the parody “Two Stings On The Moon” with Jimmy Fallon on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

Dressed in astronaut gear, Sting was joined by host Fallon, who wore a matching Sting haircut and space suit and joined him for a flight. Sting is promoting his new album My Songs, which will be released May 24.

Two Stings – Tonight Show

Fallon and Sting, dressed as lookalike astronauts, took off for an awkward “space walk,” suspended on wires that lifted them up above the stage. 

The lyrics of “Walking on the Moon” were changed: 

“It’s so cool being here with you/ 
Two Stings on the Moon/ 
Every day is so brand new/ 
Two Stings on the Moon/ 
It’s warm in space with you my friend/ 
Two Stings on the Moon/ 
When do you think this song might end? Two stings on the moon

Afterwards, the former frontman for The Police admitted the harness that lifted him and Fallon into the air was a tad uncomfortable.

‘Walking On The Moon’ Might Never Have Been

And while it may have had different lyrics on the show, Sting said the classic Police song, “Walking on the Moon” might have walked somewhere else back in 1979 when it was written.

“I had a bass line in my head, we were in Munich and i thought ‘There must be a song there,’ and I thought ‘Walking ‘Round the Room,'” Sting said. “Then it became ‘Walking On The Moon,’ inspired by Neil Armstrong.”

Sting performs on Tonight

Sting’s new album, My Songs, revisits some of former Police frontman’s most well known tunes. He said while many musicians say goodbye to their songs once they record them, instead, he continually gets to know the work better.

“You get to know the songs by singing them,” Sting said. He added that the drums play an important role and today they’re “recorded differently than in the seventies or eighties.”