Unreleased Chip and Tony Kinman Songs Get New Life with ‘Sounds Like Music’

For the first time, 22 previously unreleased performances from all four of Chip and Tony Kinman’s bands are on one collection: Chip & Tony Kinman: Sounds Like Music by Omnivore Recordings.
Chip & Tony Kinman: Sounds Like Music is due out June 28, 2019 on Omnivore Recordings. 
Selected by Chip and taken from the brothers’ archives, these restored and remastered tracks trace their musical journey.
“When Omnivore Recordings asked me if I had any unreleased music, I replied, ‘I don’t think so but I’ll check,’” Chip said. “As it turned out I had plenty. Listening to these tracks brought back many memories. Not just memories of the songs but also the times they were created in.”
Featuring photos, ephemera, and new notes from Chip, the release takes listeners from the DIY aesthetic of L.A. punk, to cowboy songs that feel like they’ve been around forever.
Brothers Chip and Tony Kinman fronted some of the most influential bands of the last quarter of the 20th Century. 
After forming the seminal California punk band The Dils in 1977 (and even scoring an appearance in Cheech & Chong’s movie Up in Smoke), the brothers became cowpunk pioneers with their next band, Rank and File (whose early line-up included Alejandro Escovedo). They took a more industrial turn with their next band, Blackbird, and returned to more traditional country with Cowboy Nation.
Tony passed away in 2018, but Chip & Tony Kinman: Sounds Like Music solidifies the brothers’ legacy, adds to their already beloved body of work and is a fitting tribute to the music they made together.
“This record is full of our revolutionary fervor, full of our resistance to trends and more importantly to what we had done before, musically that is,” Chip said. “Sounds Like Music is the proof, if needed, that ‘We do as we please.’ It has become my favorite Chip and Tony record, revolution has never sounded so musical!
“So, I’ll leave you with a quote from Tony: ‘If you want to make a good record, record something good.’ We did just that.”
Track Listing:
1. Real Style       Blackbird
2. Folks Say Go  The Dils
3. Me Too           Blackbird
4. Liberation      Blackbird
5. Jersey Girl     Blackbird
6. Dope              Blackbird
7. Rank And File (Alternate Version)  Rank and File
8. Candy            Blackbird
9. Amanda Ruth  (Alternate Version)   Rank and File
10. Lucky Day   (Alternate Version)  Rank and File
11. Paniolo (Alternate Version)  Cowboy Nation
12. Citizen         Rank and File
13. Revolution Is RisingBlackbird
14. Dream On    Blackbird
15. Restless       Rank And File
16. Landslide    Rank And File
17. Old Paint      Blackbird
18. Blue Hair      Blackbird
19. Perfect Day Blackbird
20. She’s Real Gone  Blackbird
21. Rebel (Alternate Version)  Cowboy Nation
22. All The Same Blackbird