Nina Nesbitt Gives a Backstage Peek into her Life with Video for ‘Love Letter’

Nina Nesbitt has released the album 'The Sun Will Come Up'


Nina Nesbitt shows the world what her life looks like behind the scenes in the video for the track “Love Letter.” 

With footage of crying fans, stage performances, and backstage hijinx on late night shows in New York City, Nesbitt, the pink-haired beauty, brings viewers along on a wild ride. In the video, it seems that she wants to make her ex at least a little bit sorry, and it’s probably working.

On the track, the Scottish sensation blends the best of a 1990s TLC vibe with distinctive attitude and Spanish-style guitar. Her new album is The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change.

Nina Nesbitt 'Love Letter'
Nina Nesbitt ‘Love Letter’

The new album brings about a musical change of direction, with Nina evolving from her singer-songwriter past into the world of pop. If Nesbitt continues at this pace, she’s sure to eclipse the bigger and less talented names in the genre. It never ceases to amaze how many pop stars got to the top of the charts because of their rich daddy’s money.

Noted for her warm smile, pink hair and fun approach, it’s clear Nesbitt is enjoying and making the most of her sudden emergence onto the scene. 

The Sun Will Come Up, The Seasons Will Change features production from Nesbitt, alongside heavy hitters Lostboy, Fraser T Smith and Jordan Riley (Macklemore, Zara Larsson).