Winnetka Bowling League Flirts on Dreamy Pop Single ‘Slow Dances’

Winnetka Bowling League - Courtesy


Winnetka Bowling League has released the lyric video for the new song “Slow Dances.”

Powered by New Yorker-turned-California guy Matthew Koma, Winnetka Bowling League has established itself as the band that even the most discerning in musical tastes can savor.

The quirky tunes “Feelin’ California” and “On The 5” from last year’s self-titled debut album put Winnetka Bowling League on the map. This year, the band is making strides.

Singer-songwriter Koma, said: “‘Slow Dances’ is a song about obsessing over the different endings that could’ve been. Seeing the annoying as endearing in retrospect and hoping she hears the song somewhere out in the world and knows it’s for her.”

Now, the LA locals have released a lyric video for their new song “Slow Dances” off the upcoming album Cloudy With A Chance Of Sun which will be out on April 26th via RCA.