Savannah Pope Brings Us to Outer Space and Back with Rock Odyssey ‘Atlantis’

Savannah Pope Outer Space - Atlantis


Savannah Pope channels the world’s best rock singers on her soon-to-be-released album Atlantis, due April 26.

A blend of Ann Wilson, Grace Slick and with music reminiscent of Yes, with Atlantis, Pope introduces the listener to a world where basically anything can happen — and it does. Remember, this is the lady who fronted the wild LA band SpaceCream, one of the hardest-working bands playing LA. 

But it’s about to get real here as Pope takes her proper place in the spotlight on her own.

You can put Pope’s remarkable voice up against the best in the business. Her range is real and moves from the deepest notes of despair to the highest tones, all with emotion and punch. She’s one of the few power singers out there in the clubs, continually gaining fans.

Savannah Pope Atlantis – Courtesy

Today, as they say, it’s not what you know, but who you know. Well some sponsor or financial backer ought to get to know Pope because talent like this comes along only once in a blue moon.

Pope has a quirky crush on outer space and blends it with her love of David Bowie and the results are fun and upbeat. But it’s not difficult to image this star-in-the-making running with the best of the bunch. She’s also great live.

Leave it to Pope to take the listener on a wild ride from mellow to pure, Sunset Strip-style ’80 to throwback ’60s rock and roll. And it all comes together beautifully on Atlantis.

Recorded at the famous Kitten Robot studios under the watchful eye of Paul Roessler, the album covers a lot of ground.

And of course, with all the creativity pouring forth, how can we expect anything less than a compelling and modern video that’s like a rocket to Mars that crash lands back in medieval France.

Check out the video for ‘Creature’ here:

Director, Editor, Stylist & Motion GFX Designer: Savannah Pope

Cinematographer: Mannon Butt

Motion Graphics Consultants: Michael Washington, Matt Mahurin

Compositors: Sara Scheidemantle, Jon Clark, James Ahn, Dylan Coffe, Cooper Kelly

Graphics Designer: Lady Lea

Colorist: Sean Broadbent

Editorial Consultant: Charlotte Brown

Created with much technical support from Narrator, Inc.

Birdcage, baroque, and clown hair + makeup by Aliice Black

Space bird hair + makeup by Glen Alen

Much aid in graphics design by Lady Lea

Song recorded at Kitten Robot Studios by Paul Roessler

Lace collar by Renae Abbate…