Review: New EP ‘Eaton Super 10’ by Snowball ii Presents Shoegaze with a Good Beat


Eaton Super 10 is a smart new release by Los Angeles band Snowball ii and it gives hope that shoegaze can get the point across and still have a good beat.

The EP opens with a crescendo chorus of vocals and instruments on “What Pressure?”  It’s a great throwback sound to the days of the Sony Walkman instead of cell phones. There’s a psychedelic meets New Order feel to the dynamic EP opener.

“The Air In The Mean Time” is reminiscent of a late 1960s UK band not unlike Herman’s Hermits set against a garage twangy riff. Nice vocals.

snowball ii – 1 – Courtesy pic

“Lost In Juarez” seems like a trippy place and is a haunting reminder that bizarre things can happen when you’re in a different element. 

“Spring Banks Eternal” has got a Grateful Dead Shakedown Street vibe but speeds up to develop into a bold breakthrough. 

“Which Way To The Egress?” is a driving punkish rocker and wraps the collection with a punch.


Eaton Super 10 will be celebrated at a record release party on May 4th at The Resident in downtown LA. The record gets an April 12th release via Doughnut Records

Love him or leave him, the host is comedian Neil Hamburger. The “foreign-hair”- styled comedian with the nasal delivery continually ventures out on a limb in his insults of rockers, with hysterical results.  

Saturday May 4th at Resident in Downtown Los Angeles

Early show from 5pm – 8pm | $10 | 21+

Open after-party location TBA

Go here for tickets for the Saturday 5/4 release show at Resident DTLA