Spare Parts for Broken Hearts, Potty Mouth, Dancing Tongues Bring ‘Madness’ to Hi Hat

Spare Parts for Broken Hearts - by Notes from Vivace


Dr. Martens has hosted concerts across various Los Angeles venues and is on a hot streak of booking top local talent. The company recently booked local bands and artists like Beginners, Jesse Jo Stark, and Sasami. The hot streak continued recently with Spare Parts for Broken Hearts headlining at The Hi Hat with support from Potty Mouth and Dancing Tongues. 

Prior to the night starting off, I had the opportunity to talk with lead singer Sarah Green of Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. For a few moments, we discussed March Madness. I’m a big Duke fan and I happened to mention that what I love about this year’s team is their ability to play defense. She mentioned that her favorite part about basketball is defensive play. 

Potty Mouth – All Photos by Notes from Vivace

Thinking about it, it sort of makes sense. Spare Parts for Broken Hearts approaches their music style with a down to earth aggressiveness. To play good defense, you need to get down and put in the effort to play the game for the full 40 minutes (college basketball here). And that shows in the band’s music where there is no let down for their full 30 minute sets. Okay, well, not totally true for this set. Towards the end, Sarah’s pedals decided to go in total shut down mode, but let’s just say that’s because she worked them hard. 

Dancing Tongues – Notes from Vivace

Their set list included songs such as Ever, Say When, Mush and Pleasure Delay. 

Potty Mouth, a favorite band of mine, set it up for Spare Parts for Broken Hearts. They recently released their album SNAFU. Funny enough (actually not), I missed their record release party, because I was at The Smell catching Spare Parts for Broken Hearts playing for for Dum Dum Zine’s return to physical publication. That was a music conflict that I hated to see happen. Their set opened up with my Potty Mouth favorites and I couldn’t help but feel like they’ve put an edgier spin to their music. 


And hey, since I’m talking March Madness, has anyone paid any attention to Ally’s (bassist) amazing footwork on stage? I think she could play even with Zion OMG Williamson in that regards. In fact, I bet she could split two defenders with the same high level of grace. 

Dancing Tongues opened up the night. The eerie blue lights for their set gave a dark subtle tone to their music, which was emphasized by those screaming vocals.