Crooked Flower Pops with Psych Rock Video ‘Around and Around’


Part Blondie, part Pretenders with a lot of psychedelic distortion, Berkeley, Calif.-based band Crooked Flower gives a fun performance with the new video “Around and Around.”

The pop doesn’t stop with this straight ahead groove, led by Angelina Dang whose beautiful voice keeps the listener glued to the record. The wailing guitar work of Dan Ingberman and Drew Southern compliment the unique bass lines of Daniel Erik and Patrick Shields’ drums.

Watch ‘Around and Around’ by Crooked Flower:

“In part it’s a love song about a partner who goes back and forth,” Dang said. “I wrote it during the throes of that situation. But this song is also a commentary about the irrationality we see all around us – the willingness to believe things that are blatantly false, while accusing others of peddling ‘fake news.’ The Drug War is obviously part of this but of course not all of it.”

Crooked Flower’s recent full-length album “Into the Light” is an anti-prohibiton release that honors Canada Liberation Day. With track titles like “Search Warrant”, “10 Million Seeds” and “Freedom”, Crooked Flower are musically fighting for their right to party. .

Music performed and arranged by Crooked Flower.

Angelina Dang: Vocals and acoustic guitar

Daniel Erik: Bass

Dan Ingberman: Guitar

Patrick Shields: Drums

Drew Southern: Guitar

Song composed by Dan Ingberman

Video by Drew Southern and Dan Ingberman.