Alejandro Aranda of ‘American Idol’ Fame, has a New Song about ‘Millennial Love’

Alejandro Aranda New Song Millennial Love - Courtesy ScaryPoolParty
Alejandro Aranda New Song Millennial Love - Courtesy ScaryPoolParty


Alejandro Aranda, known to the “American Idol” world as Scary Pool Party has come out with a new song, which he performs in a video on his Instagram Page. 

EDITOR NOTE: Aranda’s Post “Millennial Love” was removed from Instagram on 5-19-19. ***SPOILER: He performed it in round 1 of the “American Idol” finale. In the finale he also performed “Ten Years” against a backdrop of violinists and an orchestra. Aranda’s self-recorded Instagram performance via his home was originally posted on March 16.

Aranda listens to choir sing his song – american idol finale

On the ‘American Idol’ finale, Aranda’s Pomona parade and performance showed the thousands that turned out for the favorite local musician.

In a poignant scene, the children’s choir sang his songs back to him.

Alejandro Aranda is so touched he weeps as Pomona Childrens Choir sings ‘Breathe In Breathe Out’ – Courtesy ABC

In round 1 of the finale, Aranda said the song “Milennial Love” is “basically how I think in some relationships my age being a milennial, we are too much about our phones.”

“It was, I’m sure for all of us, I’m going to speak on my behalf, love at first sound for you,” said judge Lionel Richie following Aranda’s Round 1 performance on the finale. “There are very few times in life when someone comes along that captivates your imagination,  your soul, you know what your’re looking at is the next level of something amazing. From one songwriter to another, we are so happy to have you join the ranks.”

Check out the great and most humble Aranda performing his song about millennial love.


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