VIDEO: Larkin Poe Join Joe Bonamassa for ‘Spoonful’ on Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise


Watch sister band Larkin Poe join Joe Bonamassa for “Spoonful” on the Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise.

The video was filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD. The Super Jam is comprised of band leader, Paul Shaffer, Joe Bonamassa on guitar and vocals, Rebecca Lovell on vocals and guitar, Megan Lovell on lapsteel, Reese Wynans on  keyboards, Michael Rhodes on bass, Paulie Cerra on saxophone, Lee Thornburg on trumpet, Anton Fig on drums, Sinead Burgess on backup vocals and Juanita Tippins on backup vocals.

Filmed and recorded on the Keeping The Blues Alive Cruise 2019.

Joe Bonamassa and Larkin Poe – Spoonful – KTBA Cruise 2019