Vintage Motorcycles Believed Stolen from Home of Keith Richards

keith richards motorcycles stolen


Vintage motorcycles believed to belong to Keith Richards have been stolen from a home in the exclusive area of West Sussex, an article suggested.

The bikes were stolen from Chichester’s exclusive West Wittering area overnight on Monday. Local police are asking for the public’s assistance to recover the bikes. The story was first reported and confirmed in

The local police issued a call for people to be on the lookout for six motorcycles stolen from the exclusive West Wittering area. The rare West German-made motorcycles are mainly for motocross and enduro racing and two of the six are from 1977.

The stolen bikes are described as follows: KTM 495 in White ( made in 1981); MAICO 490 in Red (made in 1981); MAICO 400 in Red and Silver (made in 1977); BETA 300 EVO 2013 Trial Bike; HUSABERG 390 (made in 2011); GAS GAS 300 EUDUVO.

All the bikes are off-roaders and vary in vintage. They were taken from a garage in Redlands Lane between 6 p.m. on Monday and 7 a.m. Tuesday.

The stolen motorcycles:

Police in Chichester confirmed the theft and said the motorcycles were stolen from the Redlands estate during the dark of night.

Richards, 75, is a known motorcycle enthusiast. He just dropped the 30th anniversary edition of Talk is Cheap.

Police are asking for the public’s help. Go to the Chichester Police Facebook page with information.

Keith Richards’ West Sussex estate:

Keith Richards West Sussex estate
Keith Richards West Sussex estate