Johnny Marr Plays Karaoke Singer in New Video for ‘Armatopia’

Johnny Marr in Armatopia - Courtesy image
Johnny Marr in Armatopia - Courtesy image


Johnny Marr has released the video for the song “Armatopia,” an updated new wave-style track with a party-or-die vibe.

Marr plays solo karaoke singer in the video whose message seems to be: If the world is coming to an end, there’s nothing we can do except to go out dancing. 

There’s a New Order-style sound to the music, and Marr appears to have taken a page from the book of Bernard Sumner, his former bandmate from Electronic in the retro avant-garde work.

Directing the video is Kris Rimmer.  In the video, Marr as stagebound karaokeist gets the action going, changing a bleak Moose Lodge setting to hopping party. 

Johnny Marr – Armatopia: