Indie On The Rise: Notes From Vivace Interviews Disco Shrine

Disco Shrine - Photo by Notes From Vivace
Disco Shrine - Photo by Notes From Vivace


On a recent night in Los Angeles we got a chance to talk to Disco Shrine. The inspired performer talks about a new era in music, the blending of genres, and how to keep going in a competitive music landscape.

Q. What is currently inspiring you? 

A. I really love Elohim right now. Not only is her music amazing and inspiring but her whole message and everything she stands for is so positive. It’s really refreshing to see some realness being served, especially by a badass female producer who is killing it!

Disco Shrine - Photos by Notes From Vivace
Disco Shrine – Photos by Notes From Vivace

Q. You have a unique perspective on the LA music scene as you’re the go to person for many (me included) when it comes to Broke LA. Can you share any interesting thoughts about the Los Angeles music scene? 

A. The industry has definitely been changing rapidly. I’ll only mention the positive. I think in a lot of ways artists have a lot of power right now to take things into their own hands, which is really liberating. I also think genres are mixing; it’s really cool to see people experiment with sounds and to hear those experimental sounds pop off and even play on the radio. Nostalgia is also back in a huge way with emo music and throwback vibes. I’m definitely here for it.


Q. Back in August you had a premiere party for your music video “Up In The Air.” Can you share the creative process behind making the video? 

A. Yes! I made it with director Andrew Butte. DP was Dakota Adney and the Editor was Minh Bui. The process really started when I reached out to Andrew with my song. Andrew is also a first generation Lebanese American so the message was really relatable to him too. We basically texted each other for a few weeks sending every idea we had and then set a date for me to fly up to SF, where he lives. And it really all just came together beautifully. We basically spent all weekend shooting morning until very late at night. It was so much fun and definitely worth the sleepless nights. Andrew is my go-to for everything. He also did my very first music video for Shy and the latest promo for Everyday.


Q. There are always new bands/musicians starting out in the LA music scene. Do you have any words of wisdom to share? 

A. Don’t let people discourage you. Not everyone is going to like what you’re doing. All that matters is that you love what you’re doing. Work hard, then work even harder.



Disco Shrine – Up In The Air