Danny Trejo Dons Sport Jacket on Seedy Talk Show Set in New Nick Waterhouse Video

Danny Trejo and Nick Waterhouse in 'Wreck The Rod' - Courtesy image
Danny Trejo and Nick Waterhouse in 'Wreck The Rod' - Courtesy image


Legendary bad guy actor Danny Trejo dons a sport jacket and 1970s look in the latest Nick Waterhouse video for the single, “Wreck The Rod.”

Waterhouse doesn’t exactly cut a debonair image himself as a velveteen hipster complete with Elvis frames, pot belly and frilly shirt in the DIY-style snippet. “Wreck The Rod” is off his soon-to-be-released self-titled album out March 8. (Innovative Leisure).

The throwback track that reminds viewers of the old “Fernwood Tonight” parody starring Martin Mull, was inspired by a conversation with “Soul Queen of New Orleans” Irma Thomas, Waterhouse said.

Nick Waterhouse talk show 'Wreck The Rod' - Courtesy
Nick Waterhouse on seedy talk show for single ‘Wreck The Rod’ – Courtesy image

Singers are ‘Used Up by Industry’ Waterhouse Says

Nick says his conversation with Thomas concerned “singers being used up by an industry (in addition to a larger swath of society), about riding it out, about rising above, about an unsettling pleasure/pain dynamic.”

In the video, Nick performs as Trejo hosts. He’s a groovin’ throwback “washed up musician” He straps on his velour tuxedo, vintage frames, and white patent leather shoes to glide and groove on stage while embodying a hilarious “washed up musician” persona.

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