Rock Photographers Pick LA Bands On The Rise: 3LH, Speed of Light, Strawberry Army

Strawberry Army 7 - M Haight photo
Strawberry Army 7 - M Haight photo


We’ve asked our favorite Los Angeles photographers to select who they think are the hottest bands on the rise in Los Angeles.

This week our featured photographer is M.Haight and he says some new bands to watch this year are 3LH, Speed of Light and Strawberry Army.

Haight has been around the scene and loves the indie music artists. An accomplished rock photographer, Haight has a unique style that sets him apart. See more of his work at the M.Haight portfolio website.


3LH, short for “Three-Legged Horse,” is an Orange County-based band that brings out the best in modern garage rock. The band is comprised of Rafa Heredia on lead vocals and lead guitar, Favian Vega on bass and Kevin Carranza on drums.

3LH says “playing music for people is one of our strongest passions, the other would be writing music! We’re looking to play everywhere and anywhere we can!”

3LH Full Set at Locker Room:

Strawberry Army 

Strawberry Army has a cool new style and Haight likes to photograph them not only because they look and perform great, but have a unique sound. Think punk rock with a feminine touch.


Check out a recent Strawberry Army show at DiPiazza’s here:


Speed of Light 

Cameron, Tyler and Riley are brothers and sister from Santa Monica and they know how to rock the house. The punk music they create is inspired by the legendary bands of the past, but these teenagers are taking us with them into the future.


Check out Speed of Light at Bands in a Barber Shop: