VIDEO: Bradley Cooper Joins Lady Gaga on Stage in Las Vegas for ‘Shallow’ Duet

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga in Las Vegas - Garrett Gagnon


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper performed a heartwarming duet of their song “Shallow” in Las Vegas that rocked Little Monsters around the world. 

The emotion-evoking video of last Saturday night’s show struck a chord in the hearts of viewers as the two “friends for life” hugged warmly and sat close at the piano.

It was the first time Cooper and Gaga performed their now-famous duet since the release of “A Star Is Born” last October.

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Lady Gaga hugs Bradley in Cooper – Photo courtesy of Garrett Gagnon

Bradley Cooper and His Famous Friends

Cooper was sitting in the audience with someone who bears a strong resemblance to TV producer Chuck Lorre before getting Gaga’s call to come to the stage. Unlike Gaga’s character in the movie, Ally, Cooper had no problem heading up to take his place beside his co-star in front of the adoring fans. Pals Cooper and Lorre were photographed together the following night at the Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los Angeles.

Chuck Lorre and Bradley Cooper – Garrett Gagnon

Cooper and Gaga: No Auto-Tune Necessary

The impromptu collaboration proved that Cooper’s voice is actually as good as it seemed to be in the movie “A Star Is Born,” in which he plays rocker Jackson Maine. No auto-tune was necessary as Cooper took his spot beside Lady Gaga.

“Jackson never used these,” he said as Lady Gaga attached a microphone and earphones to his body. Cooper sat on a stool Eddie Vedder style for his part of the song, performed in front of hundreds who came to see Lady Gaga’s piano-jazz show. He then moved to sit beside Lady Gaga at the piano, where the two hugged while playing out the rest of the music. At one point it seemed Gaga had to hold back tears.

Bradley Cooper and Gaga at piano - Garrett Gagnon
Bradley Cooper and Gaga at piano – Garrett Gagnon

Audience Participation in Las Vegas

Cooper got a lot of help from the audience, who sang along with him, as heard in the video.

“Shallow” won the Golden Globe for Original Song. The emotion evoking song, performed by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in the film has been nominated for an Academy Award.

Video courtesy of Garrett Gagnon: