Wayne Kramer and Tom Morello Support Los Angeles Teacher Strike in Downtown

kramer and morello by mark rojas


Wayne Kramer and Tom Morello made an appearance in downtown Los Angeles to support the striking teachers on Friday.

Kramer, who recently has been touring MC50th and published a book, joined Morello to show support and play music.


Morello has been an active participant in the charity Kramer founded,  Jail Guitar Doors. 

Video of Tom Morello and Wayne Kramer in 2011 courtesy of Hinckley Video Productions: 

Voices for The Working Class

Both musicians have a vested interest. Morello’s mother was a union teacher and Detroit-born Kramer has always been a voice for the working class.  

Kramer to this day won’t drive a foreign-made automobile and has a Dodge Charger.

It is not the first rally Kramer and Morello have attended. In 2011, the two played a rally to support public employee unions in Wisconsin.

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