Review: Netflix Doc on Swedish DJ, ‘Avicii: True Stories’ is a Cold Night’s Tale 

Avicii performs in ‘Avicii: True Stories'
Avicii performs in ‘Avicii: True Stories'


It’s a heartbreaking story of one of the world’s most beloved DJs, Avicii, in the documentary “Avicii: True Stories,” airing on Netflix. 

The 2017 documentary by Levan Tsikurishvili tells the story of the rise and rocket to stardom of Sweden’s beloved Avicii, born Tim Bergling. He started out as a 16-year-old music enthusiast posting mixes on web forums and evolved into a vibrant leader in the world of EDM amassing millions of followers.

Avicii: A Star Burning Brightly

Avicii led the trend as his single “Levels” was getting noticed. He went on to create the 2013 album True, which turned music industry heads. But it was the 2015 album Stories that won over the world.

Avicii was a bright blazing star who had good relations with his team. The movie shows his hectic life in all its excitement and in great filmic detail. There are scenes that are prophetic in hindsight.

Mike Einziger, Nile Rodgers and other contemporary musicians reflect on working with the talented artist. We’re especially fond of the scene with Aloe Blacc in a recording session on “Wake Me Up.”

See Aloe Blacc Perform ‘Wake Me Up’ here:

Behind-The-Scenes on the Avicii Tour

Another compelling aspect of the film is it puts the viewer right into the action, going along with the tour and crew. When along for the ride, the viewer sees the pressure that superstar musicians are under today and pressure they put themselves under.

There is a lot of money on the line, a lot of insurance companies, a lot of peoples’ jobs on the line. It’s a cautionary tale and told beautifully by those who were there. In addition to seeing the performances from right on stage with Avicii, the film gives the viewer a glimpse into big-stakes arena and stadium tours.

Unforgettable and haunting, “Avici: True Stories,” should not be missed.

Travel was not fun for Avicii - Courtesy Netflix
Travel was not fun for Avicii – Courtesy Netflix