Billie Eilish Releases Video ‘When I Was Older’ Inspired by Film ‘Roma’

Billie Eilish at Hi Hat - Justin Higuchi 1
Billie Eilish performs at the Hi Hat last August - Justin Higuchi


It’s no surprise which film of 2018 Billie Eilish likes best going into awards season, and apparently it’s “Roma.”

Eilish has released a video called “When I Was Older (Music Inspired by the film ROMA)” a sparse and simply beautiful auto-tuned piece that features Eilish’s lovely voice.

Billie Eilish - Photos by Justin Higuchi
Billie Eilish – Photos by Justin Higuchi

Eilish Pays Tribute to ‘Roma’

Last Sunday, “Roma” won two Golden Globes, one for Alfonso Cuaron for Best Director and another for Best Foreign Film. The period piece about a disenfranchised young working woman in Mexico City in 1970 has connected with people across the globe and is one of the favorite films as Oscar season approaches.

Billie Eilish - Justin Higuchi 2
Billie Eilish at the Hi Hat last August – Photo by Justin Higuchi

‘When I Was Older’ Based on Truth

Eilish is a little older. The popular pop singer celebrated a birthday a few weeks ago on Dec. 18. And in her short time but remarkable reign as a music powerhouse, Eilish has captivated a huge audience of fans and followers.

Check out the Billie Eilish video ‘When I Was Older’ here: